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        1. Welcome to the official website of Hebei Haichuan pulp molding manufacturing Co., Ltd

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          Molded pulp


          Due to the rich sources of raw materials, low production cost, no white pollution in the process of production and use, the products are light in weight, high in compressive strength, good in cushioning performance and plasticity. If the appropriate amount of chemical additives are added, some special properties can be obtained, so they are widely used in a subsidizing tableware, fresh eggs, fruits, glass and ceramics in the packaging industry In order to eliminate the "white pollution" caused by the non degradability of plastic products, the shockproof inner liner packaging of electronic appliances and other fragile products, and some base materials for planting seedlings, technological products, medical equipment and mechanical parts are also tried to be replaced by plastic products.

          According to the data, the output of molded pulp products in the world has reached more than 400000 tons. It can be seen that the application fields of paper moulded products are expanding day by day and that China's economic integration with other countries in the world is getting closer, which shows the broad prospects for the development of pulp molded products.

          Our company can provide most of the common work package products. If it is heterosexual mold, and the amount of customer requirements is relatively large, we can make our own mold to produce for customers.

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            Bag products

            Bag products

            Bag products

            Bag products

          • Egg tray
            Egg tray

            Egg tray

            Egg tray

            Egg tray




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          Company name: Hebei Haichuan pulp molding manufacturing Co., Ltd

          Address: Zhangjiazhuang Industrial Zone, Gaocheng, Shijiazhuang

          Business: R & D, production, sales of egg tray machine, pulp molding equipment, work package equipment, egg tray, pulp package products, etc.

          Contact information:

          Fixed line: + 86 311 89195866

          Contact person: Tara Liu

          Whatsapp and wechat: 0086-15230062063

          Email: haichuanmachinery@163.com

          Website: www.stircrazyrocks.com

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